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Ecological footprint calculators

How much do you impact the environment?

Ecological footprint calculator
Determine your footprint based on Calgary consumption patterns and data. Calculate your footprint.

I've calculated my what?

We invite you to join Earth Day Canada, a social network that can help you connect with other individuals and groups, and provide you tools and resources to create your own footprint reduction plan.

There are lots of ways to keep saving and reduce your ecological footprint, now and into the future. Here are some suggestions:

  • Calculate your footprint in a month, four months or in one year to see how your actions made a difference.
  • Challenge your family or friends - remember the power of collective actions makes a difference.
  • Check out these ecoEnergy initiatives.

The calculator was developed in partnership with Global Footprint Network, and ConocoPhillips Canada Inc.

Learn more about Calgary's EcoFootprint in the 2008 Footprint Baseline Report.