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Biodiesel in Waste & Recycling vehicles

Thanks to a project between Waste & Recycling Services and Fleet Services, nearly 200 City of Calgary vehicles are more environmentally friendly.

Adding biodiesel to City fuel

Over the past five years, this project has grown from a pilot to a sustainable year-round program. Biodiesel fueling stations have been set up, and a variety of trucks now use biodiesel blended with petroleum diesel. There is no need to modiy the engines of these vehicles (we tested various blends, from five per cent to 20 per cent of biodiesel fuel with petroleum diesel in the vehicles).

We are also working on other initiatives including the use of hybrid vehicles, an idling reduction policy, preventative maintenance and "right sizing." For a full list of actions, see our environment initiatives overview.

What is biodiesel?

Biodiesel is produced from waste cooking oils that would normally be disposed of at our landfills, or from oil-seed crops like canola and soy. Using biodiesel in fuel helps the environment because biodiesel is non-toxic, sulphur-free and renewable. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions in vehicles by 16 per cent. This project fits with City Council's priority to enhance, protect and respect the environment.