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Construction and demolition stakeholder engagement project

We are committed to diverting waste from City landfills while reducing, reusing and recycling as much as possible. Currently, waste from construction, demolition and renovation projects (C&D) makes up 20 per cent of all waste going to the landfill. A lot of this material is recyclable.

Stakeholder engagement activities

In 2012, we worked with a variety of stakeholders seeking ideas to encourage C&D waste diversion. EBA Engineering Consultants was contracted to develop and manage the engagement process. The consultants met with representatives from business and environmental associations, C&D waste generators, C&D waste haulers and waste and recycling processors.

The purpose of these sessions was to do the following:

  • Gather feedback on The City's current and planned C&D waste diversion initiatives.
  • Clarify The City's role in C&D waste diversion, particularly in the absence of a provincial program.

Engagement results

In brief, here are some of the things stakeholders shared.

Current challenges:

  • There have been no significant changes made at the provincial level since 2009.
  • Some stakeholders are unclear about the full range of C&D waste diversion opportunities and initiatives.
  • Source separation of C&D materials can be challenging and costly.

The majority of stakeholders support:

  • Adding recyclable wood and drywall to the Designated Materials list to encourage diversion.
  • Expanding source-separated C&D materials recycling, currently only offered at the Spyhill Landfill, to the Shepard and East Calgary Landfills.
  • Enhancing promotion of C&D waste diversion opportunities.

What's next?

Based on stakeholder feedback and internal reviews, Waste & Recycling Services will implement the following solutions:

  • Accept C&D materials recycling at the Shepard Landfill (began in August 2013) and the East Calgary Landfill (began in February 2014).
  • Add recyclable wood and drywall to the Designated Materials list (effective September 3, 2013).
  • Increase promotion of these opportunities among industry stakeholders.

Updates will be shared as they become available.

Background information

To learn more about the background of C&D waste diversion in Calgary, including details on past Council direction and supporting documents, please visit the construction and demolition background page.

What are my construction and demolition waste diversion options?

In addition to construction and demolition recycling offered at the Spyhill Landfill, many private sector businesses can recycle construction and demolition waste. You can learn more through Green Calgary, the Yellow Pages, or