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Waste diversion changes for businesses and organizations

Are you a commercial business, company or organization that produces waste?

This includes property managers, schools, offices, stores, malls, restaurants, hotels, healthcare facilities, manufacturers, factories, non-profits, places of worship, warehouses and other operations.

There will be a series of changes that will affect what you do with your waste.

Changes and impacts to commercial waste producers

Businesses and organizations required to recycle certain items

Since Nov. 1, 2016 businesses and organizations are required to recycle the same materials we do at home plus materials specific to commercial waste such as scrap metal, clear plastic film, and raw and unprocessed wood.

For the full details regarding this change, visit our Bylaw Requirements page or our Education and Resources page for tools to help you start or improve your recycling program.

Businesses and organizations required to divert food and yard waste

On Nov. 1, 2017, businesses and organizations will be required to separate food and yard waste for diversion. Similar to the recycling requirements, the City sets the bylaw requirements for food and yard waste diversion.

Businesses and organizations have the flexibility to seek out a food and yard waste collection company and decide the best way to offer and manage the service. For the full details on this change, see our food and yard waste bylaw requirements page.

Higher landfill fees for commercial loads containing paper and cardboard

To support business recycling, commercial vehicle loads of garbage containing any paper and cardboard are subject to a higher rate at City landfills.

You or any company you hire will be charged the designated materials rate of $170 per tonne to encourage recycling instead.

Speak with your hauler to find out how they will address potential higher landfill rates (i.e. Will the charge be applied directly to the customer who didn't recycle or will the charge be blanketed across all customers?).

What other changes are planned for the future?

In the next few years, other changes will come as part of our Waste Diversion Strategy.

These changes include bylaw amendments requiring businesses to separate food and yard waste, as well as landfill bans on paper and cardboard, and food and yard waste.

Where can I find more information and resources?

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Let us help you prepare. We offer how-to guides, online tools, free signs and best practices on our Education and Resources page to help you get your recycling or food and yard waste program started or improve your efforts.

Find a collection company

In Calgary, businesses and organizations receive waste and recycling collection from both private collection companies and contracted City trucks.

For private collection options, a comprehensive list of local recycling and food and yard waste haulers is available at Green Calgary.​

If you already have City of Calgary service or are interested in learning more about The City's commercial waste, recycling, and composting services, visit or contact 311 for more details.