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Changes for commercial waste haulers and processors


Are you a business that collects, hauls or processes waste, recyclables or food and yard waste for other businesses? This can include services such as:

  • Garbage, recycling and organics collection
  • Rubbish and junk pick-up
  • Dumpster and disposal bin rentals
  • Waste loading and salvaging
  • Waste processing, recycling or composting

If so, you need to know about the changes below that could affect your business.

What's in effect?

November 1, 2017
Businesses and organizations required to divert food and yard waste

A bylaw amendment is now in effect that requires businesses and organizations to separate food and yard waste for diversion. Diversion can include a variety of different measures such as composting, supply management, donation opportunities or anaerobic digestion.

The City will provide education and resources to help businesses get started. Businesses can choose the food and yard waste collection company that best suits their needs and decide how to manage the service.

For more details, please view food and yard waste requirements for businesses and organizations.

November 1, 2016
Businesses and organizations required to recycle

Businesses and organizations in Calgary are required to recycle the same materials we do at home, plus scrap metal, clear plastic film (polyethylene) and wood.

For more details, please view recycling requirements for business and organizations.

February 1, 2016
Higher landfill fees for paper and cardboard

Commercial loads containing paper and cardboard are subject to the Designated Materials Rate of $170 per tonne compared to $113 per tonne for garbage (based on 2017 rates).

Upcoming changes and impacts

October 1, 2018*
Paper and cardboard ban

Effective Oct. 1, 2018 paper and cardboard materials will be banned from City of Calgary landfills. The ban applies to all commercial vehicle loads.

If banned material is discovered when the load is being dumped at the face of the landfill, the hauler will pay a higher charge for the entire load. The charge will be significantly more than the designated material rate that is already in place.

For more details, please see paper and cardboard landfill ban.

* The specific charge will be set in 2018 and communicated in advance.

October 1, 2018*
Increasing landfill fees for food and yard waste

Commercial vehicle loads containing any food and yard waste will be subject to a higher designated materials rate at City landfills to encourage food and yard waste diversion.

* The cost of the fee is subject to Council approval.

October 1, 2019*
Food and yard waste ban

The City intends to ban food and yard waste from City landfills. Commercial loads of garbage containing food and yard waste will be subject to a financial penalty.

* Details about the ban will be announced two years prior to implementation.

How can I notify my customers of this change?

We encourage you to notify your customers so they can begin to prepare. Tools that can help you explain the changes to current and potential customers are on our Education and Resources page.

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Information about the responsibilities of collection companies is available in our Waste Diversion Guide for Collection Companies.

Promote your business

Green Calgary maintains directories for recycling haulers or organics collection companies. We will be referring business owners and property managers to this list.

There is no charge to be listed in the directory. If you would like to be included, please contact or call 403-230-1443.​​​​​