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Waste diversion for businesses - tools and resources

Between now and 2020, we will be developing waste reduction tools and resources to help businesses and organizations implement successful diversion programs.

These changes are part of our Waste Diversion Strategy to help divert waste from the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) sector.

Getting started

Business recycling is easier than you think. Check out our information guides for steps to help you get started or ideas on how to improve or expand your program. Download and display the posters around your business as useful reminders to reduce commercial waste.

Business Recycling Resources

Acceptable items for recycling



Business and Organization Recycling Guide for Building Owners and Managers

Find out how to comply with the recycling bylaw changes and implement a recycling program.


Reycling Program Letter (English)

Business Food and Yard Waste Resources

Acceptable Materials - Food & Yard Waste Poster

Food and Yard Waste Diversion Guide for Businesses and Organizations

Fats, Cooking Oils and Grease Poster


Food & Yard Waste Program Letter (English)


We're here to help

Experienced City staff are available to talk to groups about the upcoming changes to business and organization recycling and composting. To schedule a presentation, please fill out a service request below or call 311.

Book a presentation

Conduct a waste audit

A waste audit is a great first step to help you figure out the amount and types of waste being generated by your organization. If you're a small business or organization, you can complete a waste audit yourself, and we have the tools to help you out.

DIY waste audit kit

These kits are available to all businesses and organizations in Calgary and contain all the necessary materials to conduct a full-scale waste audit.

Get your kit today! To borrow a waste audit kit for your business or organization, fill out the request below or call 311.

Request DIY Waste Audit Kit

DIY waste audit calculator

After you have completed your audit, enter the results into this waste assessment workbook to find out how much waste your organization produces from each waste stream and what you can do to help reduce it.

If you're a larger facility or want some extra help conducting your audit, visit the Recycling Council of Alberta to view a list of consulting companies available.

Find a collection company

In Calgary, businesses and organizations receive waste and recycling collection from both private collection companies and contracted City trucks.

For private collection options, a comprehensive list of local recycling and food and yard waste haulers is available at Green Calgary.

If you already have City of Calgary service or are interested in learning more about The City's commercial waste, recycling, and composting services, visit or contact 311 for more details.

Information for businesses

Recycling for Community Associations and Not-for-Profit Organizations
Learn how your organization can get your recycling program up and running, options for handling recycling and tips for reducing waste disposal costs.

Finding the Right Hauler for You
This guide will walk you through finding a hauler that meets your business's needs.

Building a Green Team
A successful recycling program starts with an enthusiastic team. Use this guide to find out how to set up a green team for your business or organization.

Right Sizing Tip Sheet
Learn whether your current waste and recycling pickup service is suitable for your business's needs, by gauging the size of your bins and frequency of pickup.

Success stories

Many Calgary businesses and organizations are already recycling and composting their waste. We are capturing some of their stories to share ideas and inspiration.

  • Learn how the Calgary Board of Education has made significant strides in reducing their waste and energy use, while at the same time incorporating sustainability principles into their school curriculum.
  • Learn how Momentum, a local community economic development organization, keeps sustainability at the core of what they do, and empowers staff and their participants to consider the environment in their decisions and actions.
  • Learn how Centennial Place, a downtown Calgary office tower owned and operated by Oxford Properties, launched a comprehensive recycling program in their building and how waste diversion is incorporated into the organization's culture at every level.
  • Read how London Drugs is leading in environmental sustainability in their sector, with their waste diversion rate reaching 92.8 per cent across all stores in 2016.
  • Read about SwizzleSticks SalonSpa, and see how it has diverted almost all of its waste by using a waste diversion service and making concerted choices to recycle, compost or reuse materials as part of its regular operations.
  • Mountain Equipment Co-op diverts a remarkable 98% of its waste from the landfill. Learn how it uses careful procurement, partners and staff engagement to make it happen.​​