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Industrial waste permits and appointments

Contact us

If your item requires a permit, fill in the
Industrial Permit application form​
and email the completed form to

Call 311 or fill out the online Industrial Waste service request for:

  • Appointment bookings
  • Permit application questions
  • Industrial waste items not listed
  • General inquiries
Industrial waste service request​

Industrial waste is only accepted at the
Shepard landfill
for proper disposal. The last load will be accepted at 4 p.m.

All items on this list will be charged the Industrial Waste rate except where noted below.

This information is for commercial business customers only. If you are a resident with industrial waste, please see our What Goes Where search tool for disposal information.

Industrial Waste item Requires a permit? Requires an appointment?
Fluorescent light tubes Yes No
Asbestos​ Yes Yes
Treated wood and railway ties Yes No
Empty containers and drums
  • Drums must be crushed
Yes No
Solid waste - non-hazardous
(e.g. creosote-treated wood, glass processing residues etc.)
Yes No
Carwash sump sanitary
*Basic sanitary rate of $113/tonne (2017 rate) will be applied.
Yes No
Non-permit carwash sump No No
Industrial sump water Yes No
Non-permit industrial sump No No
Silica sand
  • Material must be contained in bags for dust control.
Yes No
Sulphur Yes No
Spent Carbon (spent filter media) Yes No
Oily solid waste (including rags and workshop non-hazardous waste) Yes No
Hydrocarbons impacted soils
  • You must hire a third-party vendor.
  • The vendor will arrange permits and appointments with The City.