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Braille plaques for blue and black carts

​Tactile braille plaques available for your garbage and recycling carts

If you are having problems identifying between your blue recycling cart and black garbage cart because of vision loss, we have plaques that can help.

These plaques have braille and a large raised tactile letter. A G for garbage and R for recycling will be installed on the lid of the cart.

Black Cart Garbage Braille Sign
A "G" Plaque for Garbage
Blue Cart Recycling Braille Sign
An 'R" Plaque for Recycling

Waste and Recycling Services provides these plaques to ensure fair access to our programs and services. There is no cost to have these plaques installed on your carts.

If you would like to install a plaque on your garbage or recycling cart, please contact 311.

Please note: Once we receive a request, we will send someone to install the plaques. Please leave your carts in an area that's easy to access.