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Collection Truck Safety

Collection truck

Taking care around the garbage truck is important for your personal safety, your family's safety and the safety of our collection drivers. ​Stay safe around the collection truck by following these safety tips.

Download our student worksheet and accompanying teacher's guide to follow along with the steps.

When you see a garbage truck coming down your street/alley, make sure to Stop. Watch. Stay Away. There are three areas of the collection vehicle to be aware of when the truck is in your neighborhood to pick up the garbage and recycling.


Front of the collection truck

Make sure the driver can see you. The trucks are very high which makes it hard for the collector to see you below on the sidewalk. Always make eye contact with the driver before approaching or crossing the street.

Alley ways can be tricky to cross as they often to do not have marked paths or intersections to follow. Look both ways before cross the alley.

We love our garbage truck fans and our collectors enjoy sharing the excitement. However, you want to be sure to watch from a safe distance away from the truck. Stay close to your home when you see the truck.


Back of the collection truck

There are many different lights on the back of a truck to help make it visible so you can see it while working in your community.

Never stand behind a vehicle, including large trucks where it is difficult for the driver to see due to blind spots.

The beeping noise indicates that the truck is backing up. Stay away!

Be aware that the collection trucks make wide right turns so they always need enough space to turn. Never pass a collection truck on the right side as the collection arm could be in use.

Caution: Wide right turns

Automated collection arm

Many of our garbage and recycling trucks have an automated arm on the side to pick up carts.

Stay at least 10 metres away when the arm in use. This is about the length of two garbage trucks.

While it may appear that the truck is stopped, the arm or other equipment could begin moving at any time.

Never approach the garbage truck. If your family forgot to set out your blue or black carts for collection and you hear the truck in your neighborhood, please don't put yourself in harm's way.

Danger - Stay back 10m when arm is in operation