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Waste management charge

The waste management charge helps offset the costs of disposing and managing residential garbage at The City's landfills. It does not relate to residential garbage collection, which is supported by property taxes.

Landfills have complex systems that monitor, capture and control substances produced by garbage which could harm the environment if not properly managed. These include leachate (produced when water passes through garbage), stormwater runoff and landfill gas emissions.

About the waste management charge

Who pays the waste management charge?

Homes that receive weekly black cart garbage collection from The City of Calgary are charged for waste management. The waste management charge appears on City utility bills (ENMAX). Commercial customers are not invoiced for this charge.

How much is the charge?

Monthly Rate 2015-2018
Waste Management Charge ($ per 30 days) 4.90

Please note: The amount on your bill may vary month to month as the charge is calculated based on a daily rate and billing periods vary.

Background information

Why is there a charge for residential garbage disposal and management?

Waste & Recycling Services requires sustainable funding so it can continue to provide essential waste services to a growing community and meet all legislated and environmental requirements related to the landfills.

The waste management charge is separate from the monthly charge for the residential Blue Cart recycling program.

What upgrades are needed at the landfills?

As part of The City's environmental and regulatory responsibilities, Waste & Recycling Services must continue to invest in infrastructure upgrades, which include: landfill cell construction, landfill greenhouse gas extraction and capture, monitoring wells, stormwater management systems, and leachate capture and treatment systems.

Why not charge homeowners based on the amount of garbage they produce?

Garbage bag limits or volume-based fees in other jurisdictions have only been introduced once fully developed recycling options are in place, including household recycling collection and often, collection of food and yard waste. Waste & Recycling Services has committed to return to Council with a report on this topic.