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Make it a green Christmas

Compost your real tree in your green cart

There are two ways to compost your real tree:

  1. Compost your real tree using your green cart by following a few easy steps.
  2. Take your real tree to one of our drop-off locations.


Compost your holiday food waste in your green cart

Composting with your green cart can cut your garbage in half! Use your green cart to dispose food waste such as:

  • Turkey carcasses and other bones
  • Pastries, cookies, cakes and muffins
  • Plate scrapings and vegetable scraps
  • All food-soiled paper, including napkins, paper plates, coffee filters, baking paper and liners
  • Cooking oil, lard, shortening, jam, butter, sauces, grease, dips, salad dressing, mayonnaise and gravy


Recycle wrapping paper, packaging and more

Place these items in your blue cart or take them to a community recycling depot. Remember to put all your recycling in loose - do not use plastic bags.

  • Wrapping paper and tissue paper: A little tape is ok.
  • Cardboard boxes, gift boxes, shoe and shipping boxes: Flatten your boxes to make extra room in your blue cart.
  • Paper gift bags: Remove the handles before recycling.
  • Holiday cards and envelopes
  • Moulded plastic packaging with recycling symbol #1-7
  • Bubble wrap: Bundle inside a clear plastic bag and tie the handles closed.
  • Cookie and chocolate tins: Eat the cookies and chocolates first.


Throw away these holiday items

Place these items in your black cart for regular garbage collection.

  • Foil or metallic-coated wrapping paper
  • Ribbons, bows and string (that you can't reuse)
  • Broken ornaments and tinsel
  • Foam packaging, even if it has a recycling symbol
  • Artificial Christmas trees

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