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Bigger blue cart trial

Bigger Blue Carts

More blue = more recycling

From 2013 to 2014, about 200 households took part in our bigger blue cart trial. The trial was looking to see if a larger cart would meet the increased needs of some homes so they can easily recycle even more material.

Comparing the blue carts

The bigger 360-litre cart has 50 per cent more room. It's bigger in depth, but the same width and height as the 240-litre blue cart.

Results from the one-year trial

During the one-year trial, we monitored usage and gathered feedback from people about their experience. Some of the findings from the research include:

1. The trial was a positive experience for participants.

2. The 360-litre size gave participants the extra space they needed.

  • Most blue carts were more than half full on collection day.
  • One quarter of blue carts were completely full on collection day.
  • Most residents continued to put their cart out for collection on a weekly basis.

3. No issues with existing collection trucks.

  • The mechanical arms on our existing recycling trucks were able to pick up the larger carts with no trouble.

Will the bigger blue carts be offered city-wide?

We are currently looking at many ways to help Calgarians keep valuable materials out of our landfills. Offering bigger blue carts is one of the options. We are looking into the logistical, financial and resource needs of this service.

For the time being, people in the trial can continue using the bigger blue carts until we make a decision about the continuation of the program. If you want this option to be expanded in Calgary, please contact 311 to have your name added to a list.

Don't need a larger blue cart, but sometimes need a bit more space?
Check out our recycling tips and learn how to make the most of your cart space.

Resources for people who have a big blue cart

Contact 311 for any of the following requests:

  • If you want to switch back to standard blue cart (240-litre).
  • If you're moving to a new home in Calgary and want to keep using the bigger blue cart at your new address.

If you have questions or comments, we invite you to email