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Recycle Right

Some things should never go in your Blue Cart

Contamination is created when:

  • The wrong items are put in the Blue Cart such as hoses and propane tanks
  • The right items are prepared the wrong way such as putting loose plastic bags in the Blue Cart
To find out where to recycle, compost or dispose of your everyday items, and how to properly prepare them, visit What Goes Where.

To learn more about the recycling facility and how the recycling process works, visit our Online Recycling Facilty Tour and How Recycling Works in Calgary.


Recycle Right by putting these items in the garbage.

NO plastic items

NO Loose Plastic Bags
Loose plastic bags
NO Non Stretchy Bags
Non-stretchy plastic bags
NO Drink Lids
Drink lids
NO Plastic Cutlery
Plastic cutlery or straws

NO packaging materials

No Chip Bags
Chip bags and snack wrappers
NO Food Pouches
Food pouches
NO Mixed Materials
Mixed materials
(Examples: Pringles container, toothpaste tube)
NO Foam Packaging
Foam packaging (StyrofoamTM)

NO household items

NO Toys and Sports Equipment
Toys and sports equipment
(Examples: teddy bear, rubber balls)
NO Hoses
NO Carpet and Rugs
Carpet and rugs
NO Furniture
(Examples: chairs, dressers)

Recycle Right and make a difference

Putting the wrong things in your Blue Cart can make the recycling process more expensive, or worse, can break equipment or injure workers at the recycling facility.

Here is why the items above should go in your garbage:

Loose plastic bags

Plastic bags blow around, get in the other recyclables and jam up equipment at the sorting facility. This reduces the quality of the good recyclables and creates costly mechanical repairs.

Small plastic items (cutlery, straws, coffee lids)

Small plastics cannot be recycled because they are too light and small to be sorted properly. Sorting facilities can only sort out so much contamination which can lead to materials needing to be landfilled instead.

Household goods (like hoses, frying pans or clothes)

Some things can break equipment or harm workers at the sorting facilty. Help us keep the recycling process safe for everyone!