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Recycle Right - Do the right thing with your plastic bags

What bags work best for your Blue and Green Carts

Using the right bags keeps recycling and composting running smoothly and safely.

Blue Carts need stretchy plastic bags bundled together in one bag so they can be sorted at the recycling facility. Loose bags jam equipment and get stuck in other items which contaminates the recyclables.

Green Carts need certified compostable bags as these bag will break down properly in the composting process.

You can find more tips at Using Your Blue Cart and Using Your Green Cart.

To learn more about our recycling and composting programs, visit How Recycling Works and How Composting Works.


Find Green Cart bags for your home

Use only certified compostable bags for your food scraps and pet waste. Look for these logos.

See a list of acceptable bags and where to buy them at Compostable Bags and Liners.

You can also make a liner for your kitchen pail with newspaper or old flyers. See our liner instructions.

Never use plastic bags as they do not break down and end up contaminating the compost.
Compostable Bag Logos

Find Green Cart bags for your yard

Fill your green cart first  - you can put leaves, grass, branches and other yard waste directly into the cart. If you still have extra yard waste, fill paper yard waste bags and roll closed. Set one foot to the side of the green cart for pickup.

For more tips on disposing pet or yard waste, visit Using Your Green Cart.

For a list of acceptable yard waste bags and where to buy them, see Compostable Bags and Liners.

Never use plastic bags as they do not break down and contaminate the compost. Yard waste left out in plastic bags will not be collected.

Recycle plastic bags the right way

These stretchy plastic bags and film can be recycled:

  • Grocery bags
  • Sandwich and lunch bags
  • ZiplocTM and freezer bags
  • Bread bags
  • Dry cleaner bags
  • Stretch wrap film
  • Bubble wrap
Follow these steps to recycle stretchy plastic bags:

  • Bundle all stretchy plastic bags into one bag
  • Tie the bag closed
  • Put bundled bag into your Blue Cart
If you are ever unsure of how to dispose of plastic or other household items, visit What Goes Where.