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Recycle Right

Some things should never go in your Blue Cart

Contamination is when the wrong items are put into the carts. This can lead to:

  • Safety issues that impact your truck collector, equipment and staff at the recycling facility.
  • Shutdown of the recycling facility due to fires from dangerous items like batteries
  • Medical emergencies when harmful chemicals like bear spray have been released at the facility
  • Health risks when staff are pricked by improperly disposed needles

Find out where and how to dispose of your everyday items using the What Goes Where tool. To learn how to use your green cart the right way, see our Compost Right page.

Do not put these items into any of your carts

Take old batteries (cell phones, laptops, cameras, lithium ion, non-chargeable) to a participating retailer for proper recycling.
Household hazardous waste like propane tanks need to be disposed of safety at a designated fire hall or landfill.

Prepare your recyclables

Preparing your recyclables is necessary to make sure that they can be easily sorted and be able to be turned into new products. Make sure your glass jars, plastic containers, tin food cans and beverage containers are:

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  • Pour out any leftover liquids
  • Scrape out any leftover food
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  • Rinse out all food containers
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  • Put inside the blue cart for pickup
  • Keep lid closed and clear snow off your lid

Do not put in your blue cart

No garbage


Your blue cart is for paper, cardboard, and household packaging only.

What to do:
See what belongs in recycling and what belongs in the garbage.

No scrap metal

Scrap Metal

Household items made of metal like frying pans, brake discs and shelves can cause serious injury and damage at the recycling facility.

What to do:
Donate usable items to charity.

Take scrap metal to a City landfill Throw n' Go or to a metal recycler.

No hoses

No Hoses

Danglers likes hoses and electrical cords get tangled up at the recycling facility causing major delays and equipment damage.

What to do:
Put garden hoses and electrical cords in the garbage.

No loose or single plastic bags

No Loose Plastic Bags

Loose bags cannot be sorted properly by our equipment.

What to do:
Bundle all your stretchy plastic bags into a single bag and tie closed before recycling.