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Calgary Green Cart City-wide Program

In spring 2017, green carts will start being delivered to all single-family homes in Calgary. All food and yard waste will be accepted in the green bin for weekly collection.

Discover more about composting using your green cart including details on the cart rollout next year, why it's important to compost our food and yard waste, how to use your new green bin when it arrives and where you can purchase compostable bags.

How the program works

Learn the basics about the Green Cart program including details on the rollout schedule and how the service works.

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to common questions we've received through our email and talking with Calgarians. Read our FAQs.

Why composting is the better solution

Food and yard waste doesn't breakdown into soil when it's buried in the landfill; instead it releases greenhouse gases. Find out why composting is the better way to handle this waste.

Using your green cart

Using your green bin is easy and convenient. Follow these four simple steps for using your green cart and see other great tips to keep it clean and tidy.

Compostable bags and other alternatives

See a list of certified compostable bags, where to buy them and other ways to line your kitchen pail.

What goes in the green cart

All food and yard waste goes in the green cart, including many foods unsuitable for backyard composting. Find out what goes in the green cart.