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Green cart collection start dates

Weekly green cart collection will be rolled out by quadrant. Once everyone in a quadrant receives their cart collection will start.

Green Cart Collection start dates
  • Southwest - Week of July 17
  • Northwest - Week of August 14
  • Northeast - Week of September 4
  • Southeast - Week of October 2

Find out when green carts will be delivered to your community.

How often will carts be collected?

Your collection days and frequency of black cart collection will change as green cart collection starts in your quadrant. View your collection schedule and sign up for free reminders.

  • Green carts and blue carts will be picked up every week on the same day. Since the majority of household waste is compostable and may smell, this material will be picked up once a week.
  • Black carts will be picked up once every two weeks on a different day than blue and green carts since more than half of our garbage is compostable material that can go in your green cart.