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Green Cart Food and Yard Waste program

Weekly green cart food and yard waste collection starts this summer. This easy and convenient program allows you to dispose of all your food and yard waste in your green bin. It will be turned into nutrient-rich compost at our new indoor composting facility rather than go to waste in our landfills.

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How the Gr​een Cart program works
Green cart collection start dates

Weekly green cart collection will be rolled out by quadrant. See when your green cart will be delivered.

What goes in the green cart
All food, yard waste and pet waste goes in the green cart. See a complete list.
Using your green cart
Learn how to use your green cart and other tips to keep it clean and tidy.
Compostable bags and alternatives
See a list of approved
compostable bags
and other pail liner options.

Find your collection days

Get your cart collection schedule so you don't miss your pick-up.

Why Green Carts? Watch the video.