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Green Cart Food & Yard Waste

We're on track to roll out the city-wide Green Cart program in mid-2017!

Pilot communities in Calgary have already reduced their garbage by 40 per cent by adding the new green bins. On a city-wide basis that would translate into over 85 million kilograms of annual waste being turned into nutrient-rich compost rather than taking up valuable space in our landfills.

The Green Cart represents the most significant expansion of our residential service since Blue Cart recycling. It's a critical step in achieving Council's goal of diverting 70 per cent of waste from City landfills by 2025.


 City-wide Green Cart program

In spring 2017, green carts will be delivered to all single-family homes in Calgary. Get all the details on the city-wide program.

Live in a pilot community?

Residents in Abbeydale, Brentwood, Cougar Ridge and Southwood have been participating in the Green Cart pilot since 2012. Learn more about the pilot.

Composting facility

Construction is underway on the largest indoor composting facility of its kind located at the Shepard Waste Management Facility. Learn more about the facility and the composting process.

Why composting is the
better solution

Food and yard waste doesn't break down into soil when buried in the landfill; instead, it releases greenhouse gases. Find out why composting is the better way to handle this waste.

Other ways to divert food and yard waste

Are you looking forward to the city-wide Green Cart program and looking for other ways to divert your food and yard waste in the meantime? The City has suggestions and tips on how you can successfully backyard compost and grasscycle at home. We also continue to offer seasonal programs for residents, including the Spring Yard Waste and Leaf & Pumpkin programs that are already making a difference in reducing the amount of garbage going to the landfill.