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How the Green Cart program works

Who receives green carts

All single-family homes (up to and including fourplexes) will receive green carts - the same size as the blue cart. Eligible homes cannot opt out of the program. If you live in an apartment or condo find out about food and yard waste diversion requirements for multi-family complexes.

Cart size: The green cart is the same size as the blue cart. It is 109 cm high, 62 cm wide and 72 cm deep. It can hold 60 kg of material.

Green Cart program begins rolling out this summer

Green carts and starter kits will be delivered to homes, quadrant by quadrant. Find out when green carts will be delivered to your area.

Residents will receive everything they need to get started:

  • Green cart - the same size as the blue and black cart
  • Kitchen pail - to collect food scraps (23 cm high, 30 cm wide and 23 cm deep). Additional kitchen pails for your home can be purchased at home improvement stores or you can reuse an ice cream pail, etc.
  • Starter supply of compostable bags - to line the kitchen pail
  • Starter supply of paper yard waste bags - for extra yard waste that doesn't fit inside the cart
  • Instruction guide and collection schedule

Live in a pilot community - Abbeydale, Brentwood, Cougar Ridge or Southwood?

The City will be replacing your green cart with one that is the same size as your blue cart. This ensures we're delivering a consistent level of service to all customers. Details about how carts will be exchanged and when will be mailed out to affected residents in the months ahead. Learn more about collection changes in the pilot communities.

Collection start dates

Weekly green cart collection will start the same week for the entire quadrant.

Q​uadrant ​Weekly green cart collection starts:
Southwest ​Week of July 17
​Northwest ​Week of August 14
Northeast ​Week of September 4
Southeast ​Week of October 2

Program details

What goes in your green cart

  • All food, yard waste and pet waste is accepted in the green cart. See a full list of what can go in the green cart.
  • Extra yard waste can be put in paper yard waste bags and it will get collected too. Please ensure your green cart is full first.

Get easy step-by-step instructions and tips for using your green cart.

How often carts will be collected

  • Green carts and blue carts will be picked up every week on the same day. Since the majority of household waste is compostable and may smell, this material will be picked up once a week.
  • Black carts will be picked up once every two weeks on a different day than blue and green carts since more than half of our garbage is compostable material that can go in your green cart.

View your collection schedule.

Green Cart program rate

Residents will not pay for Green Cart service in 2017. Starting in January 2018, households will pay $6.50/month.

Black cart garbage collection (pick-up only) is supported by your property taxes. The savings achieved by changing Black Cart collection to once every two weeks will be invested into the Green Cart program to reduce the monthly rate to $6.50/month.

The Waste Management Charge on your utility bill (ENMAX) is for the costs associated with disposing and managing residential garbage at The City's three landfills.

Why green carts?

Green carts have proven to help residents cut their garbage nearly in half in the pilot communities. On a city-wide basis, that would translate into over 85 million kilograms of food and yard waste kept out of our landfills every year. By using your green cart, you will:

  • Create nutrient-rich compost
  • Protect our land, air and water resources
  • Keep material out of landfills to avoid future landfill costs

Watch ​a video for a more in-depth look at the benefits of composting versus burying food and yard waste in the landfill.​​​​​​​​​​​

Finished compost

The majority of the compost will be sold in bulk to companies such as landscape soil blenders and compost baggers. The proceeds from the sale of the compost help reduce the processing cost and lower the Green Cart program fee.

A portion of the finished compost will be made available to the community for free. This includes:

  • supporting community gardens;
  • select giveaway days for the public starting in 2018.