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How is the Green Cart Pilot going?

In 2012, we launched the Green Cart Pilot to test collection and gather feedback about a residential food and yard waste program in Calgary.

Findings from the Green Cart Pilot

Green Cart Pilot still going strong

By June 2016, the Green Cart pilot has collected and composted over 8.9 million kilograms of material. The amount of black cart garbage we collect in pilot communities continues to be 40 per cent less compared to other communities without Green Cart service.

What are pilot residents saying?

  • 91 per cent support a city-wide program.
  • 89 per cent satisfaction with the pilot program.

Results based on Ipsos telephone surveys conducted in December 2012.

"I love the green bin! I hardly throw anything in the garbage anymore!" - Andrew via Facebook

Pilot residents respond well to collection changes

Nearly 95 per cent of pilot homes were able to contain all their garbage in their black cart when it was collected once every two weeks.

Great quality material received from citizens

Over 95 per cent of the material we receive is great for turning into nutrient-rich compost.

What's next for Green Cart composting?

We plan to launch Green Cart service across Calgary in mid-2017 once the organics composting facility is up and running. For now, Green Cart service will continue in the pilot communities.