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The benefits of green cart

What's left in our garbage
What's left in our garbage

More than half of what we throw away is compostable. Food and yard waste is the single largest type of waste that's filling up our landfills.

Green carts have proven to be effective in making a big difference. In our pilot communities, we saw garbage drop nearly in half thanks to residents using their green carts.


By using your green bin, you will:

  • Create nutrient-rich compost: It's expected over 85 million kilograms of material will be turned into compost each year.
  • Protect our land, air and water resources by reducing greenhouse gas caused by food and yard waste buried in the landfill.
  • Keep material out of landfills to avoid future landfill costs: If we fill up our current landfills find new space will be a difficult and expensive process. By composting we can preserve the valuable space left.

Curious to learn more? Watch the video. Learn how a landfill works and the benefits of composting versus burying material in the landfill.