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Multi-family food and yard waste for collection companies


Starting Nov. 1, 2017 multi-family complexes will be required to separate food and yard waste from garbage for composting and diversion.

Similar to our multi-family recycling requirements, building owner or managers will be responsible for setting up a food and yard waste diversion program.

Owners and managers will have the flexibility and choice to seek out a food and yard waste service provider and decide the best way to offer and manage the service.

As a collection company, you can help buildings like apartments and condos set up food and yard waste programs that are bylaw compliant.

For resources like sign and letter templates, our food and yard waste guide and details on upcoming information sessions, visit multi-family waste diversion education and resources.

Multi-family food and yard waste program requirements

The bylaw requires that multi-family complex owners:

  • Provide on-site storage for food and yard waste
  • Make sure there is enough space for all of the complex's different waste
  • Arrange for food and yard waste to be collected for composting or another means of diversion
  • Inform their residents about the food and yard waste program

The bylaw gives owners and managers choice and flexibilty about how food and yard waste is stored and collected. Each complex can choose the following:

  • How food and yard waste will be collected
  • Where and how food and yard waste is stored
  • How often food and yard waste is collected

Get listed on Green Calgary's waste collector directory

Green Calgary maintains a list of collection companies that provide food and yard waste (organics) collection. We will be referring potential customers to this directory.

There is no charge to be listed. If you would like to be included, please contact Green Calgary or phone 403-230-1443.

Why has mandatory signage been included in the bylaw?

Food and yard waste containers need to be clearly marked so multi-family residents can easily understand what goes where and properly dispose of their materials.