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Multi-family waste diversion resources

Our tools are here to help you create a recycling program for your building while meeting our multi-family recycling requirements which have been in place since Feb. 1, 2016.

Starting Nov. 1 2017, multi-family complexes will also be required to separate food and yard waste from garbage for composting or another​ means of diversion. To learn more, please visit our food and yard waste bylaw requirements.

Similar to multi-family recycling, building owners or managers have the flexibility to choose a food and yard waste service provider and decide the best way to manage the service.

Looking for a collection company?

Need to find a recycling or food and yard waste collection company? Check out the Green Calgary's directories for recycling haulers or organics collection companies.

Learn whether your current waste and recycling pickup service is suitable for your complex's needs. Check out our Right Sizing Tip Sheet to ensure your bins are the right size and collected at the right frequency.

Information Guides and Resources

These posters and templates can help you promote your waste diversion program. You can also find more information on our multi-family waste diversion tips page. When working with your collection company, check to see if they have additional tools and resources you can use.

Multi-family Recycling Resources
Acceptable Items for Multi-family Recycling

Acceptable Materials
Recycling Hi-res Poster
(23" x 40" inches)

Download (English)
Download (Punjabi)
Download (Chinese)

Recycling Program
Letter for Residents
(Word Document)

Download (English)

Recycling Poster for Building Owners and Managers

Recycling Information Guide for
Building Owners and Managers

Download (English)
Download (Punjabi)
Download (Chinese)

Please breakdown all cardboard

Please Breakdown all
Cardboard Poster

Download (English)

Multi-family Food and Yard Waste Resources
Acceptable Food and Yard Waste

Acceptable Materials
Food and Yard Waste Poster

Download (English)

Food and Yard Waste Guide for Building Owners and Managers

Information Guide for Building
Owner's and Managers

Recycling Poster for Building Owners and Managers

Waste Diversion Guide for
Collection Companies

Download (English)

Food and Yard Waste Program letter

Food & Yard Waste Program Letter (English)
Word document

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If you would have questions about a recycling program in your building, we can help. Fill out the online request below or contact 311 and we can discuss how we can help.

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