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What happens to compost products

What happens to finished compost from the Green Cart program?

City-wide Green Cart program

Food and yard waste collected through the Green Cart program will be composted in vessels at the organics composting facility located at the Shepard Waste Management Facility. Most of this Category A compost will be sold in bulk to companies such as landscape soil blenders and compost baggers. Some of the compost will also be made available to the community.

All of the profits gained from the sale of the compost are used to help reduce the overall cost of the program.

Green Cart pilot program

All of the food and yard waste collected from the four communities participating in the Green Cart pilot pro​gram goes to a private composting facility near Strathmore, Alberta, where the material is mixed with food and yard waste from other sources and sold privately.

What happens to the material collected through our seasonal programs?

Composting windrows
Composting windrows at East Calgary Waste Management Facility

The material collected through seasonal programs like the Leaf & Pumpkin program and Spring Yard Waste drop-off is composted in outdoor windrows located at the three City of Calgary landfills.

On average, we produce 3,500 cubic meters of Category A compost every year. The majority of the compost is sold to local landscape businesses and the profits are reinvested into our program operations to help offset some of the costs.

We also donate compost back to the community through various community gardens, on a first come, first serve basis. Learn more about community gardens.

Christmas trees collected through the Christmas tree recycling program are chipped into mulch. This mulch is intended for residential use only, and is suitable for garden or yard use. Calgarians can help themselves to the mulch by visiting the East Calgary Landfill. There is no charge to residents, but quantities may be limited. Please note: Calgarians are responsible for loading mulch into their vehicles.

Where can I use Christmas tree mulch?

The mulch created from Christmas trees can be used around evergreens, for yard and garden displays, and is helpful for water retention and weed control.

Please note: The mulch is acidic and may affect tender annuals such as plants and flowers. Consult your local greenhouse for more information.