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Green cart pilot program

Learn more about why food and yard waste don't work well in the landfill in our Too Good to Waste video
Food and yard waste doesn't break down in a landfill like it does in a composting facility. See how a landfill works and understand what happens when we bury food and yard waste in the landfill.

Green Cart composting program coming in 2017

In mid-2017, green bins will be rolled out to single family homes across the city. All food and yard waste will be accepted in the green cart for year-round, weekly collection.

We are building a large facility that will handle all the food and yard waste that comes in from the Green Cart composting program in 2017. Learn more about the organics composting facility.

Green cart pilot still underway

Residents in Abbeydale, Brentwood, Cougar Ridge and Southwood are taking part in a composting pilot where they can put their food and yard waste into a green cart for collection. We pick up the green bins every week and the contents are turned into high-quality compost.

When are my carts collected?

Find your black, blue and green bin collection schedule - visit our Garbage and Recycling Day Schedule.

Where can I buy more compostable bags?

Find bags at grocery stores, and drug and home improvement stores, usually in the same aisle as garbage bags.

You can also reuse newspaper or flyers to line your kitchen pail. Check out the step-by-step folding instructions.

Using your green cart

New to the Green Cart pilot program? Learn more about using your green cart:

Moving? Leave your cart behind. If you are moving please rinse out your green bin and kitchen pail and leave for the next residents. Just like your blue or black carts, the green carts stay with your property.

if your cart is missing or damaged beyond repair, please contact 311.

Why is it important to divert food and yard from the landfill?

While we are recycling more than ever, our food and yard waste makes up more than half of residential garbage. Diverting this material is our greatest opportunity to reduce our use of landfills, cut greenhouse gases and create valuable compost. Learn more below:

Do you have a question for the green cart team?

If you have any questions or want to share your green cart experiences email us at

We are collecting the most frequently asked questions we hear from Calgarians and are providing answers to them on our Green Cart FAQ page.​