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Spring yard waste drop-off at City landfills

Spring Yard Waste

From April 7 to May 28, bring your leaves, grass, branches, and plants to any City of Calgary landfill for free composting! You can also pick up some free mulch while you're at the landfill.

Composting your yard waste keeps it out of the landfill and gives it a second life as compost that can be used in gardens, yards and farms.

Before you leave for the landfill:

New landfill hours! Check before you go.

Our three landfill sites have switched to a staggered four-day per week schedule. Landfills are open from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the following days:

On Weekends:

69 St. and 112 Ave. N.W.
East Calgary
17 Ave. and 68 St. S.E.
114 Ave. and 68 St. S.E.
Saturday Open Open Closed
Sunday Closed Open Closed

On Weekdays:

69 St. and 112 Ave. N.W.
East Calgary
17 Ave. and 68 St. S.E.
114 Ave. and 68 St. S.E.
Monday Closed Open Closed
Tuesday Closed Open Open
Wednesday Open Closed Open
Thursday Open Closed Open
Friday Open Closed Open

For faster service, visit the landfill on a weekday or before 9 a.m. on Saturday or Sunday when wait times are shorter.

What yard waste can you bring?

Make sure your load only contains yard waste like leaves, branches, plants and grass clippings (no sod - it can't be composted in this program). Plant roots should be free of soil. Please note: if your load contains other items there will be a cost.

Can I bring sod?

No, sod is not acceptable in the Spring Yard Waste program. We are not able to compost this material in our current system. Sod must be brought in a separate load and will be subject to regular landfill fees.

How to prepare your yard waste

Your yard waste should be in paper yard waste bags or left loose. If you use plastic bags, you will be asked to empty them at the composting pad in the landfill. Please cover and secure loads of loose yard waste before transporting.

What is the cost?

This program is free for residential customers only. There is no charge for dropping off residential yard waste unless you bring other materials for disposal at the same time. Commercial business customers with yard waste will be subject to regular landfill fees.

Can I take my yard waste to a community cleanup?

Yes - all community cleanups now accept yard waste. Over 100 cleanups are available throughout the city from April to September. Visit the Community Cleanup schedule page to find an event in your neighborhood.

When is the Green Cart program going to be available?

Green carts will be coming to single-family households in mid-2017. You can learn more at

How do I pick up the free mulch?

Free mulch is available at all three City landfill sites while supplies last. Both residents and businesses may pick up mulch. Bring your own shovel as the mulch must be loaded yourself.

What happens to the collected yard waste?

Yard waste collected from the Spring Yard Waste program is composted at outdoor windrows located at the City landfills. See more about what happens to composted materials.

What's the problem with yard waste in the landfill?

Yard waste makes up over one-third of garbage from an average single-family home.

When yard waste is buried in the landfill, it doesn't turn into soil or compost because there's no oxygen. Instead, it creates nasty stuff like liquid leachate as well as methane, a greenhouse gas which contributes to climate change. By composting, this material is kept out of the landfill and given a second life as compost that can be used in gardens, yards and farms.

Can I do my own composting?

Absolutely. Our composting page has information to help get you started.

Can I bring yard waste to the landfill for composting at other times of year?

Yes. All of our landfills accept yard waste year-round; however, the yard waste rate applies at other times of year - See our landfill rates.​​​​​