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Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) Visit and Shepard Landfill Tour Information

Thank you for booking a visit to the Materials Recovery Facility and the Shepard Landfill.

If you have not yet booked a tour, please visit the please visit the Landfill Tours for Schools page for more information on registering your group.

Please ensure each teacher coming on the tour reads carefully through the following information.

We look forward to providing you, your students and your parent volunteers with a fun, interesting and educational tour of these two innovative facilities!

For further information regarding your booking or for any additional inquiries please contact Waste & Recycling Services' Public Educators directly.

Carla Bitz
Public Program Coordinator, Community & Customer Initiatives
The City of Calgary
Office: 403-268-8273
Cell: 403-554-2185


  • Tour begins at 10 a.m. at the recycling facility, the MRF, owned by Cascades 10351-46 St S.E.
  • Do not go directly to the Shepard Landfill.
  • Buses can unload/pick-up students past the entry gates, just beyond the staff parking lot.

Emergency Contact

If you are late or are having difficulties, please contact:

  • Carla Bitz at 403-268-8273 (office); 403-554-2185 (cell)
  • Dave Merredew at 403-268-8472 (office); 403-807-3027 (cell)

Programs begin promptly at the arranged time, and may be shortened due to late arrivals.

Tour Description

The program runs from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and incorporates a 90 minute landfill tour and 90 minute recycling facility (MRF) visit. Your bus will arrive at the MRF, where (if two classes are participating) one class of students will begin their MRF visit, while the other class proceeds to the landfill. After approximately 90 minutes, classes will switch. Program length may be adjusted.

Shepard Landfill: A guided tour is approximately 1.5 hours (including travel time to and from the landfill).

Materials Recovery Facility (MRF): The classroom has a large observation window that overlooks the tipping floor. Students will remain in the classroom for 1.5 hours (includes a 20 min. lunch) where students will engage in a variety of activities.


Participants will have approximately 20 minutes between the landfill tour and the recycling facility tour (approximately 11:15 a.m. if you begin your tour at 10 a.m.). This should be enough time for either a snack or lunch break. Participants are encouraged to pack a waste-free lunch.

Break time will be in the indoor classroom. Washrooms and a hand washing sink are available. PLEASE NOTE: There is no microwave, fridge, vending machine, or water fountain (please bring a water bottle).


Elementary and Junior High classes are requested to have four volunteers per class, in addition to the teacher.

Science journals and binoculars are welcome. Please inform your Educator if you would like to incorporate time for journaling into your visit.

Photos at the facility and of your class are permitted. However, photos of staff are not permitted. Please ask for permission before taking video.

On snowy or wet days, participants will be asked to remove outdoor footwear at the entrance to the MRF. For safety reasons, please bring indoor footwear.

The MRF is a privately run facility. We ask that classes enter the building as quietly as possible. Student discipline during the program is the responsibility of the teacher and adult chaperones.

Thank you for booking with The City of Calgary Waste and Recycling Services. A program evaluation will be emailed to you after your visit.

When booking your school bus...

When booking your bus, please ensure that the bus company is fully aware of the following items:

  • Go directly to the MRF (Cascades Recovery Inc.) at 10351 46 St. S.E. Do not go to the Shepard Landfill first.
  • If coming from the NW, please allow approximately 45 mins travel time, as traffic and weather may affect driving time.
  • Have the bus driver wait at the MRF until an Educator boards the bus.
  • At the time of booking, request that the bus windows be cleaned before the bus picks you up. As a portion of the tour is spent viewing the landfill from the bus, it is essential that participants can see out the windows.
  • During the bus tour, an Educator will be speaking to the participants. At times, it may be requested that the bus driver turn off the bus engine as well as any radios or music to allow students to hear.