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Farming with biosolids

Terragator applying biosolids

Since 1983, local farmers have been fertilizing their fields with biosolids by participating in our Calgro™ program. This innovative program is the result of a joint initiative between the Government of Alberta and The City to establish best management practices for land application.

Calgro operations

From approximately April to late October, Calgro operates on agricultural lands within approximately 50 kilometres of the Shepard Lagoons located in southeast Calgary. Biosolids are transported in enclosed tanker trucks, transferred to field storage tanks and then into field equipment that subsurface injects the biosolids into approximately the top 8 to 15 cm of soil. In accordance with provincial guidelines, agricultural soils that receive biosolids can be used to grow cereal grains, small oilseeds, dried legumes, forage crops, trees and sod.

Benefits of biosolids

  • Biosolids application provides essential nutrients for crop growth and productivity.
  • Biosolids reduce the need for chemical fertlizers on farmland for as long as three years.
  • Biosolids add organic matter to soil, improving nutrient and water holding capacity.
  • Biosolids ensure that nutrient cycles continue and that valuable, finite resources (such as phosphorus) are not wasted.

If you are interested in participating in our Calgro program, call 311 or 403.268.2489.