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Water billing and rates

The City of Calgary has contracted ENMAX to provide billing, customer care, and account management for water service. The ENMAX Customer Care Centre handles account billing and maintenance for Water Services and Waste and Recycling Services.

All information provided to the ENMAX Customer Care Centre is protected under the Freedom of Information Protection Act (FOIP).

Accounts are billed on a monthly basis and statements can be received in two ways:

  1. Digital: Email through eBill, sent to your preferred email account. To sign up for eBill, simply log in to your Enmax account at and follow the instructions.
  2. Print: Paper bill, mailed to your preferred billing address.

For more information, visit ENMAX or call 403-310-2010.

Setting up a new account

Please ensure you have the following information ready:

  • Your name
  • Service address (both old and new, if moving between locations)
  • Account number (if available)
  • Forwarding address (if you are leaving Calgary or discontinuing service)

New water accounts - What you need to know

Water meters
New accounts are automatically set up with a water meter. Accounts being moved from one address to another are also set up as metered accounts, regardless of whether they were previously flat-rate or metered accounts at the old address. Note: if you don't have a water meter, you may be required to have one installed.

Residential customers who have not had an account with the City of Calgary for 12 months or whose payment record is not satisfactory may be required to provide a deposit. Commercial customers who have not had an account for 24 months or more will be subject to the same conditions.

Account access
Only the person whose name is on the account can make account changes and inquiries. No changes can be made on behalf of another person. You may add someone else's name (i.e., a roommate's name, spouse's name) to your account. Once the name is on the account, that party may make inquiries of any sort. It is useful if the person you add to your account is also the person you would like to have listed as an alternate contact, to be contacted if an urgent situation or emergency should occur.

Application fee
All new accounts will be subject to a $10.00 application fee.

How to pay your water bill

Please visit ENMAX or contact the billing centre at 403-310-2010 for more information. Various forms of payment are available (please note: credits are not accepted).

Customers are responsible for ensuring the billing centre has up-to-date and accurate billing and mailing information.

Customers are also responsible for any amounts due, even if they have not received a statement.

I have not received a statement lately

If you have not received your monthly bill, please contact the billing centre at 403-310-2010 as soon as possible to avoid late payment fees and large, potentially unmanagable bill amounts in the future.

Please note: Failure to receive or loss of the utility statement cannot be accepted as a valid reason for non-payment or for exemption from late payment penalties.