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Inside the Water Centre

The Water Centre showcases how to use water wisely by focusing on the 3 'R's:


Dual-flush toilets offer a choice between three and six litres per flush, saving an average of 26 per cent more water than single-flush six-litre models. Low-flow faucets use only 1.8 litres per minute, and non-flushing urinals use no water at all. Additionally, water-wise landscaping with more drought-resistant native plants and grass reduces the need for irrigation.


Clean water from the on-site water meter testing facility is re-used to flush toilets in the building.


Rainwater from the main roof and the green roof is treated in constructed wetlands on-site and stored in an underground cistern. In a typical season, harvested rainwater will provide more than enough water to meet our irrigation needs.

To learn more about how the Water Centre uses water wisely, view the building overview.