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Water Centre landscape

The landscape of the Water Centre makes both a symbolic and a tangible connection to our environment.

Green roof

In 1875, Fort Calgary used prairie sod to keep out the rain, making it Calgary's first office with a green roof. Today, at the Water Centre, the modern version incorporates a high-tech rubber membrane topped with a layer of soil. Native flowers and grasses help cool the summer air by releasing moisture as they grow. The soil and roots insulate against winter frost.

Water-wise landscaping

The garden uses drought-tolerant native plants in groupings that evoke different prairie habitats around Calgary. Saskatoons and other shrubs act as wind breaks, retaining moisture for the grasses and wildflowers. Plants in the constructed wetlands help filter water from the roof and parking lot.

Public Art

Public Art at the Water Centre explores our relationships with water. These works were commissioned by Utilities and Environmental Protection through The City of Calgary Public Art Program.

To learn more about how the Water Centre connects to our environment, view the building overview.