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Conserving energy - Water Centre

Private buildings are responsible for 40 per cent of the world's total energy use. By taking advantage of natural sunlight and installing the latest technologies for heating and cooling, the Water Centre will use 58 per cent less energy than a conventional building, saving taxpayers $108,000 per year, based on 2006 prices.

Climate control

The Water Centre's thin shape and southern exposure lets the sun help warm the building during the winter, while the roof overhang keeps out the heat of summer. Employee work stations are placed away from direct sunlight along the north side of the building, allowing temperatures to be maintained at a lower operating cost.

The three-colour glass curtain wall balances the amount of visible light and heat entering the building. Additionally, Under-floor heating and radiant ceiling slab cooling will save energy and provide a more comfortable work environment.

Bright ideas

Abundant windows and an open plan mean all employees have access to natural light, reducing the need for electric lighting. Daylight and occupancy sensors ensure lights are only on when they are needed. The Water Centre will save an estimated 1,250,000kWh per year on lighting – or over 1,100 tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

To learn more about how the Water Centre conserves energy, view the building overview.