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Water Centre - Working environment

The Water Centre is both good for the environment, and a good working environment. With extensive employee input the following considerations were made in the office design:

Open Office
An open office plan encourages the easy flow of information between work units. Meeting areas and quiet rooms are available for larger conversations and privacy. All employees also have access to natural daylight and views, and staff can open the windows for fresh air.

Healthy Building
Low-emission carpet, paint and formaldehyde-free strawboard eliminate that 'new building smell' that usually comes from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) polluting the air. Separate ventilation systems for photocopy rooms and a green-cleaning regime using non-toxic cleansers help the indoor air stay healthy.

Improved air quality
The floor vents take advantage of the natural tendency for hot air to rise to the ceiling, instead of trying to force it down from the top. This saves energy (about 20 per cent) and it improves air quality, as old air is displaced by fresh air.