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Water Centre

The Water Centre is a beacon of the City of Calgary's commitment to conserve, protect, improve and sustain the environment for the benefit of Calgarians and future generations.

Located on 25th Avenue S.E. and Spiller Road, the Water Centre is home to The City of Calgary's Water Resources and Water Services' professional and field staff.

Green building

Environmentally friendly and sustainable, the Water Centre is designed to save water, conserve energy and reduce our impact on the environment. Learn more about the Water Centre's design.

Good for Calgarians

The Water Centre reduces the impact on our natural resources and will provide long-term savings to the citizens of Calgary, as it's expected to pay for itself in 15 years. See how the Water Centre is conserving energy and connecting to the environment.

Good for our employees

Its people-friendly design improves the health and wellness of its employee through innovative architectural and operational designs – such as natural lighting, collaborative work spaces, customizable workstations and adjustable in-floor air diffusers. Learn more about the Water Centre's construction materials and work environment.