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Save money on a water meter

How can you estimate the amount of money you would save on a water meter? Follow the steps below to calculate your savings.

Step one - check your statement

Take a look at your utilities statement. Add together the amount you paid for flat-rate water and sanitary sewer services. This is your total water charge.

Please note: Flat-rate water charges are based on the actual number of days of service (which may be slightly more or less than 30 days), so call Enmax at 403-310-2010 if you wish to verify your monthly rate.

Step two - estimate your usage

The table below can help you determine the estimated charge you would pay for metered water and sanitary sewer services. This estimate is based on your family size and the single or two-family residential metered rate.

Service Charges (rate based on 30 days) Volume Charges (charged per cubic meter and based on your meter size)
Water: $15.59 Water: $1.7474
Wastewater: $24.72 Wastewater: $1.3956
Drainage Charge (rate based on 30 days): $14.02

The below calculations incorporate the above service, volume and drainage charges into the rates. The number in the TOTAL column is an average estimated water bill for a 30 day time period for metered customers.

# of people in household

Water use





1 7 $27.82 $34.49 ​$14.02 $76.33
2 14 $40.05 $44.26 ​$14.02 $98.33
3 21 $52.29 $54.03 ​$14.02 $120.34
4 28 $64.52 $63.80 $14.02 $142.34
5 35 $76.75 $73.57 ​$14.02 $164.34
6 42 $88.98 $83.34 ​​$14.02 $186.34

Step three - calculate your savings

Subtract the total estimated combined water, wastewater and drainage charges from your estimated flat-rate charges. Multiply the difference by 12 to determine your estimated annual savings.

Please note: Approximately 90 per cent of our customers saved money when they switched to a water meter. Call the ENMAX at 403-310-2010 for more information or to have a water meter installed.