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Water meter and bylaw - FAQ

What is universal water metering?

In 2002, The City of Calgary adopted a universal water metering strategy. As part of this, theWater Utility Bylaw legislates that all homes are required to have a water meter.

Approximately 10,000 meters were installed on a community-by-community basis between 2010 and 2014 - the goal was to have all homes on water meters by year-end 2014. Today, this goal has met almost 100 per cent compliance.

Water meters will also continue to be installed when homes are built, new accounts are created (a home is sold) and when Calgarians voluntarily request a meter installation.

Our '30-in-30' goal is to accommodate our population growth with the same amount of water from the river as 2003. A key way to meet this goal is water metering, where people pay for the water they use rather than have a flat rate for unlimited water usage.

Am I on a flat rate or a water meter?

If you currently receive a utility bill from ENMAX, it will show whether you are on a water meter or a flat rate. If you have a meter, your statement will show a meter number for the meter installed at your home, as well as your monthly water consumption.

How do you request a water meter install?

If you would like to have a water meter installed in your home, please call 311.

Convenient times are available including evenings and Saturdays. You can also book an installation by visiting Metercor's website.

For more information about the installation process, visit our Meter Installation page.

What are the benefits of a water meter?

With a water meter, you only pay for the water you use; additionally, you can see how much water you are using monthly, which makes it easier to take water conservation steps.

For the City of Calgary in general, universal water metering has proven, through national benchmarking and studies, an effective way to reduce overall water consumption. Cities including Edmonton, Regina and Winnipeg are universally metered.

Water meters also provide much better information about consumption patterns. This information allows us to be more effective and efficient in planning facilities to meet demand and reduce the amount of unaccounted for water (leakage) in the system.

What if I have questions about my water bill?

When you receive your statement, it shows what the meter reading was and whether it was an actual reading or an estimated meter reading. The typical Calgary household uses 7,000 litres (7 m3) per person per month. Learn more about how to read your water bill.

If you have received an estimate and want to submit a reading, please contact ENMAX at 403-310-2010. You can also submit a reading online via the ENMAX submit your meter reading page. For instructions on how to read your meter, visit our Water Meters page.

If you have any questions about water billing, estimated readings, overdue accounts or water cut-offs, please contact ENMAX at 403-310-2010.​​​