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Cross connections for homeowners

The City of Calgary is committed to providing safe, reliable drinking water. To help protect water from contamination, Water Services runs the Cross Connection Control Program.

Responsibilities for homeowners

Homeowners must ensure no cross-connections exist on their property that could contaminate their water supply. Cross connection locations include the following:

Outdoor cross connections:

  • Outside hosebibbs (i.e., garden hose attached to an outside tap or hose bib with the end of the hose connected to a pesticide sprayer; or left submerged in an ornamental pool, above-ground lawn watering);
  • In-ground lawn watering (irrigation) systems

Indoor cross connections

  • Toilets
  • Laundry sink connected with hose(s)
  • Handheld shower heads left immersed in water

Other cross connections

  • Boiler for in-slab or comfort heating
  • Fire protection system
  • Hot tub or spa
  • In-home water treatment (softener) system
  • High-pressure washer

Learn more about preventing water contamination in and around your home. You can also find more ways to protect drinking water in theCross Connection Residential Brochure.

Cross connection control device testing

If a homeowner has a cross-connection control device installed in their home, it must be tested annually per the Cross Connection Control Program.

If you are a new owner of a property with a cross connection control device installed, or if you have recently changed your contact information, please call 311 to update your information.

Learn more about cross connection control testing in our frequently asked questions.​​