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What to do after flooding

​Find out about when you can safely return home after a flood happens. Learn what steps you can take to begin safely cleaning your home, and also to make insurance claims for loss due to flooding.

Rebuilding after the 2013 flood:
If you have a flood-affected property or live in a flood-impacted neighborhood, find more information on demolishing, rebuilding, restoring, applicable permits and bylaws.

Returning home after a flood:
If you have been evacuated due to flooding, get updates on whether it is safe to return home. Learn more about the first steps to take once you reach your home.

Cleaning up after a flood:
Learn more about how to safely clean up after a flood. Find tips on what steps to take, whether you can do-it-yourself or when to hire a professional cleaner.

Health risks associated with flooding:
Floodwater can be polluted with a variety of viruses, bacteria and parasites. Learn more about the health risks of flood water before undertaking a clean up.

Insurance and claim information:
In some cases, flooding damage can be covered by insurance. When flooding occurs, see what steps can help you prepare a claim as soon as possible.