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Flood inundation maps

Following the 2013 flood, maps needed to be updated to reflect the changes to our waterways. These inundation maps are created for flood response planning, infrastructure design and environmental purposes.

They show the area of surface flooding for 5 year, 10 year, 20 year, 50 year and 100 year return period based on modeling completed in 2015. For a full list of flood-related maps, visit Flood Maps.

The latest flood inundation maps are now available on City Online. To view the 2015 flood inundation maps:

  • Click +Cityonline Maps
  • Click +Open Data Catalogue
  • Make sure the boxes are both checked for Cityonline Maps and Open Data Catelogue
  • Scroll down and check the boxes on the available flood inundation maps
    • 5 Year Flood Inundation Model 2015
    • 10 Year Flood Inundation Model 2015
    • 20 Year Flood Inundation Model 2015
    • 50 Year Flood Inundation Model 2015
    • 100 Year Flood Inundation Model 2015

The 2015 flood inundation maps are also available in the documents below:

If you are looking for the Flood Hazard Map, upon which the City of Calgary land use bylaws are based, please follow the instructions for the City online map above, and check the box Bylaw Flood Hazard (100 year).

The Flood Hazard mapping can also be found in document form on Flood Hazard Maps (PDF).

Three distinct areas are identified in the inundation maps

Flood inundation maps

Flood inundation extent
Area flooded due to the river that has breached its banks (riverbank over-topping).

Low lying areas not wet from riverbank over-topping but may have groundwater seepage or storm water backup.

Potential flood control structure failure
Low lying areas that could be flooded if an existing permanent flood protection barrier were to fail.

Flood mapping and development permits

Since late 2011, property owners have been advised of both the official designated flood elevation (LUB) and the recommended 100-year elevation (based on the 2012 model) pursuant to their specific property when applying for a development permit.

Starting summer 2015, property owners will now be given the updated 100-year flood elevation, based on the 2015 model. Review theElbow and Bow river hydraulic model and flood inundation mapping update as well as the2014 River Hydrology report.