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Flood inundation maps

Flood inundation maps were created for flood response planning, infrastructure design and environmental management. The maps show areas that could be flooded during different sized floods. The larger the flood, the less chance there is that it will occur in any year. You can check whether your property is one of these zones to determine your annual probability or chance of flooding in any year.

To view the 2015 flood inundation maps visit City Online:

Three distinct areas are identified in the inundation maps:

Flood inundation maps

Flood inundation extent
Area flooded due to the river that has breached its banks (riverbank over-topping).

Low lying areas not wet from riverbank over-topping but may have groundwater seepage or storm water backup.

Potential flood control structure failure
Low lying areas that could be flooded if an existing permanent flood protection barrier were to fail.