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Flood Mitigation Measures Assessment

Building resiliency to flooding is a top Council priority which we continue to action and advance. Since the 2013 flood, The City has repaired, restored and recovered from devastating and costly flood damage. With much of the recovery well on its way, our focus is to ensure we build flood resilience by implementing the 27 recommendations of the Expert Management Panel on River Flood Mitigation.

Resilience is the capacity to endure and recover from disruptive event. It requires appropriate action before, during and after an event to minimize negative effects. A more resilient city suffers less impact when disasters occur and recovers more quickly.

City teams have conducted a number of conceptual and technical studies and reviews to better understand our water ways, flood risk, changes to the rivers after the 2013 flood and land use policies. Now, we are advancing further by developing a comprehensive suite of mitigation measures for Calgary through a consultative, citizen-focused approach.

In the upcoming months, The City will be meeting with citizens, stakeholder groups, community organizations and orders of government. The input gathered will be used to develop The City's comprehensive suite of flood mitigation measures for the Bow and Elbow rivers.

While some mitigation decisions have already been made, such as the Springbank Off-stream Reservoir; improving the Glenmore Dam's elevated hoist system and gates; lower deck flood barrier improvements for the Centre Street Bridge; a flood barrier along Heritage Drive S.E.; and flood gates for priority stormwater outfalls - there are many other flood mitigation decisions remaining.

We want to make the best decisions.

Making the best decisions involves community input. Including the voices of the community is essential to improve the understanding of risks, community perspectives, and social impacts of flood mitigation.

Join us in developing the comprehensive suite of flood mitigation measures which will protect citizens, properties, critical infrastructure, vital services, communities and downtown from future river flood events.

Get Involved

There are many opportunities to get involved and to share your input. Provided below is a process-map outlining the key activities and time periods when we will be gathering input on flood mitigation measures.

Flood Mitigation Measures Assessment Engagement Process

Community Advisory Group (CAG)

The Flood Mitigation Measures Assessment project team has selected 21 members to participate in the Community Advisory Group. The 21 members of the Community Advisory Group represent one or more of the following groups:

  • Calgary River Communities Action Group (CRCAG)
  • Bow River communities
  • Elbow River communities
  • Sunnyside Flood Task Force
  • Bow River Basin Council
  • Flood affected citizens
  • Non-flood affected citizens
  • Business community
  • Vulnerable populations

The Community Advisory Group will provide input on flood mitigation measures to The City, who will then make recommendations for decisions by Council.

The role of the Community Advisory Group is to:

  • Review and compare the mitigation measures and provide input into optimizing solutions to meet community needs.
  • Provide feedback into the Province's Bow River Working Group, which will make recommendations for flood mitigation on the Bow River that will inform this project. The City is co-chairing this committee with the Province.
  • Act as liaisons to their respective stakeholder groups (if applicable) to communicate the project process.
  • Review the final input to help inform recommendations made by The City to Council.

View the Terms of Reference for the advisory group

View the Community Advisory Group members

Community Advisory Group - Meetings

Meeting #1 - March 15, 2016

Meeting #2 - April 6, 2016

Meeting #3 - April 26, 2016

Meeting #4 - May 17, 2016

Meeting #5 - June 6, 2016

Meeting #6 - June 28, 2016

Meeting #7 - September 7, 2016

Meeting #8 - November 15, 2016

About the project

The Flood Risk and Mitigation Measures Assessment project will be completed in three phases.

During the first phase The City will update flood damage models created by the Province to include post-2013 hydrological information as well as to include the social and environmental factors of a triple bottom line analysis, which was not included in the Province's 2014 Flood Damage Assessment Study.

The second phase, to be completed in 2016, will include development and analysis suites (or combinations) of mitigation measures. The City will be working with citizens, community groups, consultants and the Province to develop and analyze these combinations in 2016. In developing initial mitigation measures, The City will analyze all possible upstream and local mitigation and policy measures to determine the most viable measures, taking into account community needs and levels of protection.

The third phase, to be completed in 2017, will be to finalize recommendations to Council.

After Council approves the recommended measures, The City will return to Council with funding recommendations, which may include recommendations on how to prioritize funding dedicated to The City through the Alberta Community Resiliency Program.