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Flood Mitigation Measures Assessment

Building resiliency to flooding is a top Council priority. Since the 2013 floods, The City of Calgary has repaired, restored and recovered from devastating and costly flood damage.

We are now working hard to build flood resilience by implementing the 27 recommendations provided by theExpert Management Panel on River Flood Mitigation.

City teams conducted a number of conceptual and technical studies, as well as in-depth reviews to better understand our water ways, flood risk, changes to the rivers after the 2013 flood and land use policies. They then developed a comprehensive suite of mitigation measures for Calgary through a consultative, citizen-focused approach.

The first stage of engagement in 2016 was a Community Advisory Group. We also provided citizens from across Calgary with public events and an online portal where they could share their thoughts and opinions on these proposed flood mitigation projects.

The information gathered – along with planning principles, technical engineering studies, watershed management practices, subject matter expertise and City policy, as well as potential environmental, social and economic impacts – informed recommendations brought to Council in March 2017.

Our next steps following Council approval will involve creation of a implementation and funding plan.