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Flooding in Calgary

Flood information

Visit flood preparation to learn more about current conditions or find out the latest information about the recovery, rebuilding and resiliency efforts from the 2013 flood. Find out what to do when you return home after the flood​.

When does flooding occur in Calgary?

Current conditions

Visit flood preparation or view Calgary flood status from Alberta Environment

Higher river flows typically occur in Calgary from the middle of May to middle July.

Flooding can strike any Calgary community in any season, often with little or no warning. The impact can be minor, or it can be devastating.

In June 2005, city-wide heavy rains caused flood damage to about 40,000 Calgary homes. More than 1,500 Calgarians were evacuated in a state of local emergency.

Preparing for floods and seepage in Calgary

Flooding in Calgary

Learn how you can plan for flooding and prepare the inside of your home, property or business at flood preparation.

Learn more about steps you can take during a flood and what to do after a flood.

You can also download our booklet:

Before, During and After Flooding: Your guide to protecting family and property.

Why does flooding occur?

As snow melts in the Rocky Mountains and combines with heavy rainfall, people in low-lying areas (or flood plains) may be impacted by flooding. These areas include communities near the Bow and Elbow rivers.

How can I be impacted by flooding?

There are a variety of ways that flooding can impact your community.

Learn more about potential flood risks in your home and community.

Other flood preparation resources