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Water bylaws and construction specifications

Below, you will find information on the bylaws and construction specifications required by The City of Calgary for water services.



Field Manual for Effective Erosion and Sediment Control - This is a quick guide for contractors and inspectors in the field regarding erosion and sediment control standards.

Guidelines for Erosion and Sediment Control - This is the complete reference document regarding standards for erosion and sediment control.


Standard Specifications Waterworks Construction

For detailed specifications relating to Waterworks construction, refer to The City of CalgaryStandard Specifications Waterworks Construction.

Standard Specifications Sewer Construction

All work performed on existing sewer systems (sanitary/wastewater and storm/drainage) or on the installation of new sewer mains, manholes, services and other sewer related appurtenances shall be done in accordance with the Approved Products List (incorporated into the specifications).

For detailed specifications relating to sewer construction, refer to The City of Calgary Standard Specifications Sewer Construction.

Reference Material

Regulatory Review and Responsibilities: Erosion and Sediment Control -This document outlines the legislation and responsibilities of construction projects that disturb soil.

PVC Main Break Study - Cause Analysis

Stormwater Management & Design Manual

The goal of this document is to provide a comprehensive design manual that results in effective, reliable, and economically affordable systems, while promoting technological innovation and evolution.

Flexibility is important for site specific conditions. Alternative approaches may be considered if it can be demonstrated that there are better ways of achieving the same objectives. The designer is still responsible for detailed design and satisfactory operation and performance.

This document can be downloaded free of charge from the Urban Development Publications page.