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Water development resources

Water approval submission information

Below you will find water development approval submission information, including resources, guides and templates on the following development categories:


POSEIDONOnline is submission site for electronic submission directly to Water Resources by development industry applicants. POSEIDONOnline offers the ability for applicants to submit:

POSEIDONOnline is accessed through The City's VISTA website, by selecting the 'Submit to Water' link on the left hand side of the VISTA main page.

In order for applicants to use this service, applicants require a Registered Submission VISTA Log-In and be a Registered Consultant. POSEIDONOnline uses the same Log-Ins as VISTA. If an applicant does not currently have a Registered Consultant VISTA Log-In, one can be created from the VISTA site.

Submission Requirements

POSEIDONOnline electronic submissions must contain all required information and attachments for a review. If any information or required attachements are missing the submission will be rejected. No partial applications will be accepted.

Construction Drawing (CD) Checklists - CD Checklists are required by Water Resources in order to commence the application review process.

  • The E-CD must be submitted first, before a CD Checklist can be submitted.
  • A CD identification number (CDID) is assigned when an E-CD is submitted via VISTA.
  • The CDID is required to submit the CD Checklist via POSEIDONOnline. Once the CDID has been received by the applicant, proceed with the submission of the CD Checklists.

Stormwater Management Reports (E-Stormwater) – All E-Stormwater submissions must contain the full report with all required checklists, information, and stamps.

  • E-Stormwater reports are submitted directly via POSEIDONOnline.
  • If an applicant is submitting both the E-CD and E-SWMR concurrently, the E-CD must be submitted first.
  • If the E-CD is in circulation and the E-SWMR is being submitted at a later date, there is the ability to synchronize the E-CD to E- SWMR submission. The same applies if the Subdivision Stormwater Management Report is already in circulation and an E-CD is being submitted at a later date.

Please see this POSEIDONOnline document for more information, refer to our frequently asked questions document, or see the most recent bulletin on some recent changes made to the system.

Availability of Stormwater Management Reports (SWMRs) and Staged Master Drainage Plans (SDMP) and Master Drainage Plan Reports

As of June 16, 2014, Infrastructure Planning is please to make SWMRs and SMDPs available through CITYonline. In addition, Infrastructure Planning is now requesting both an electronic and paper copy of final submissions for both SMDPs and Master Drainage Plans (MDPs). For more information visit Urban Development.

Water Resources Redevelopment Strategy

This redevelopment strategy set out the specific objectives and actions Water Resources will use to improve accommodation and support of redevelopment in established areas in the city. For more information about the strategy please see this Bulletin.

Low Impact Development (LID)

The main components of the Technical Guidelines are the required design, construction, inspection, and operation and maintenance elements for the Source Control Practices currently accepted by The City of Calgary:

  • Bioretention
  • Bioswale
  • Absorbent landscape
  • Green roof
  • Stormwater capture and reuse
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Permeable pavements

These practices, in combination with the geotechnical and hydro-geological aspects that are essential in the analytics and design of infiltration-type practices are grouped into six different modules.

These modules are intended to be combined into a comprehensive LID Manual. This manual will become a part of The City of Calgary Stormwater Management & Design Manual.

While the modules were prepared using the best literature, resources and research reports available to date, the field of Low Impact Development is still evolving. As such, there may be applications that are not yet covered by the guidelines, and therefore, will require assessment on a case-by-case basis.

In addition, given the evolutionary nature of LID, Water Resources recognizes that there will be a transitional period and therefore will be flexible where possible in the implementation of LID modules, and is open to constructive alternatives provided that the intent of the modules is met to Water Resources' satisfaction.

Irrigation Demand Estimation (IDE) Tool

The IDE tool is a hydrologic planning tool developed to estimate irrigation demand for the purposes of stormwater reuse applications withdrawing water from a single source. The tool is intended to estimate irrigation volumes for modelling assumptions in support of staged master drainage plans, pond reports and storm water management reports. Results from the IDE tool can be integrated with other modelling platforms, and summary results can be input into the City of Calgary water balance spreadsheet. The IDE tool is to be used as a planning tool by the consulting industry in preparation of stormwater reuse calculations to provide consistency in applications and streamline the submission process.

For more information please see the user manual for the IDE tool, and open the IDE tool here. See this bulletin for more information on the tool and the upcoming industry workshop.

Submission Resources

Water Resources implemented the 2011 Stormwater Management & Design Manual update on Nov. 1, 2011. This change applies to all new preliminary construction drawings and corresponding Master Drainage Plan, Staged Master Drainage Plan, and Pond and Stormwater Management Reports.

The Amendments to the 2011 Stormwater Management & Design Manual bulletin is available for download. These amendments are effective as of December 2013.

Bulletin - Stormwater Volume Control Targets Update
Bulletin - Test Manhole & DSSP Submission process update
Bulletin - Shutdown requests for watermains 400mm and great for indemnified and subdivision work
Bulletin - Wastewater lift station design guidelines
Bulletin - Sediment Containment Systems: P-value Updates
Bulletin - Subdivision Interim De-Chlorination Guideline
Bulletin - Water Resources, Development Approval - Submission process update
Updates to Stormwater Management Report - Submission/Approvals
Bulletin - Infrastructure Planning Manager - 2014 June 13
Bulletin - Infrastructure Planning Manager - DAMS Ph2, May 1, 2014
Development Approvals Management System (DAMS) Deployment

Construction Drawings Guidebook

The following guidebook was created to help Engineering Consultants when working through the Construction Drawing Checklists, a requirement effective July 1, 2010. This guide provides further information including:

Construction Drawings Submission Checklists

As part of The City's construction drawings review process, Water Services reviews construction designs to ensure they meet regulatory requirements and will ultimately provide an acceptable level of service to the citizens of Calgary.

Construction Drawings Checklists were developed to assist Engineering Consultants in ensuring they have complied and completed all the necessary requirements before submission to Water Services. These checklists will improve review times, clarify submission requirements and decrease the number of re-submissions for consultants.

These checklists must be completed as part of the construction drawing submission requirement effective July 1, 2010:

Stormwater Management Report Templates

Stormwater Management Report (SWMR) Templates were created to help Engineering Consultants work through the development of their SWMRs. The templates provide further information including:

Please note: The "Comprehensive Guide for Rainwater Harvesting as a Stormwater Best Management Practice", referenced in the Rainwater Harvesting Guidelines published by Development and Building Approvals (DBA) is currently under development, and anticipated to be completed in 2013 Q3. Should more information pertaining to the Guide be required, inquiries can be sent to Kurt Eustergerling at Once the Guide is completed, an Industry Bulletin will be released.

Stormwater Volume Control Targets

Pond Costs Tangible Capital Assets (TCA)

Starting Feb. 1, 2012, Water Services requires that developers provide realizable costs to Asset Management, Infrastructure Planning prior to Inspection Services issuing a Construction Completion Certificate (CCC) for the pond.

For the purposes of TCA, a pond is defined as the area where the elevation of water resulting from a rainfall could rise. This should include the freeboard elevation of the pond up to the emergency spill route.

Any work in this area, should be considered part of the pond construction. Pond costs are those direct item costs associated with developing the pond within this area. To collect the data, Asset Management has developed the Pond Costs Developer Template.

The submission process for the pond costs TCA is listed below. You can also view a process map of the pondcosts TCA template submission process.

  • Developers complete the Pond Costs Developer Template.
  • When the Pond moves to the CCC stage, the Ponds TCA data should to be submitted to the Asset Management, Senior Infrastructure Performance Coordinator.
  • Please send the data to our current coordinator: Yenny Foulston.
  • The subject line of the submission to read: Pond Costs TCA Submission.

Asset Management will review the data over five business days. If there are any questions, the coordinator will contact the consultant.

Once the data has been verified, Asset Management will then contact both Development Approval and Infrastructure Delivery Inspections to proceed with the rest of the Construction Complete Certificate process.

Pond Submission and Approval Process (June 2012)

Water Services has issued a number of checklists and templates for the Pond Submission and Approval Process. Pond-specific checklists and templates include the following:

In addition, to cross-reference and to include the Pond Submission and Approvals Process, revisions have been made effective June 2012 to the Construction Drawings Guidebook and Construction Drawings Submissions Checklist. Further documentation can be found within Urban Development.

Area Contact Maps

To contact a Water Resources Development Approval Engineer or Engineering Technologist who represents your project's location in Calgary, please use the maps below:

For outline plans, stormwater management reports, sanitary servicing studies

Use the Development Approval Engineer contact map.

For development permits, development site servicing plans, construction drawings

Use the Development Approval Engineering Technologist contact map.

Precipitation and Temperature Data files

Water Resources has made available hourly precipitation and temperature data files for the analysis and design of stormwater infrastructure in Calgary.

This information is provided to ensure consistency among the information used. It eliminates discrepancies due to different datasets being in circulation, thus saving time for both design professionals and Water Resources. Use of the information in these data files becomes mandatory for all new submissions received as of Sept. 1, 2012.

These data files are an adaptation of the Environment Canada, Meteorological Survey of Canada data, error-checked and reconciled with local weather observations. It currently covers the period 1960 through 2009; it will be updated every few years. A more in-depth explanation of the changes made is provided within the spreadsheets containing the data.