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Electronic Submission of Geotechnical Reports (E-GEOTECH)


Water Resources, Infrastructure Planning, will be moving to electronic submission of geotechnical reports via POSEIDONOnline in mid-November 2018. E-GEOTECH submissions will include the following with this initial roll-out:

  • Geotechnical Evaluation (GEOEVAL)
  • Deep Fills Report (GEODEEP)
  • Slope Stability Report (GEOSLOPE)
  • Hydrogeological Report (GEOHYDRO)
  • Geotechnical Letter (GEOLET)
  • Peer Review (GEOPEER)

Once rolled out, all new submissions to Development Engineering must be submitted electronically. All E-GEOTECH submissions will be linked to the POSSE Application Number as well as being assigned a POSEIDON ID number.

Report submissions are required to use the standardized Geotechnical Report Cover Page, available in both Word and PDF Fillable Format.

Applicants are required to have VISTA account to access POSEIDONOnline. Applicants will need to know the Subdivision Name when selecting the associated POSSE Application for either the DP, SB, or LOC aligned to the E-GEOTECH submission. To assist with this, the Development Areas with Community District Boundaries map is provided below:

Report submissions must adhere to the Geotechnical Report Guidelines for Land Development Applications.

Applicants must be a Registered Consultant and require a Registered Submission Login. If an Applicant does not currently have a Registered Consultant VISTA Login, one can be created from the VISTA site via the following link: