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Water Services

Counting on our Water

We manage the quality and delivery of Calgary's water supply - from the river, to our taps and back to the river
We work 24/7/365 to protect public health by delivering clean, reliable drinking water and by treating Calgary's wastewater, before it returns to the river.

We also manage the city's stormwater drainage, we respond to floods and we contribute to the conservation of our precious water resource. We are all Counting on our Water. Watch the video to find out how Calgary's water system delivers a lot for a little. Or, read the latest Water Report to learn more about our 12,000 km infrastructure network, and the experts behind it who are dedicated to protecting our precious natural resource.

Water treatment tours
Have you ever wondered how water gets from the river to your tap? Now is your opportunity to find out by joining the City's water educators on a fun, informative and interactive tour of one of our water treatment plants.

Elbow River flood mitigation options under provincial consideration
Following the floods of June 2013, the Government of Alberta set up the Southern Alberta Flood Recovery Task Force. The City of Calgary also created an Expert Management Panel to steer Calgary's River Flood Mitigation Program and to reduce damage due to future flooding. Recommendations from both groups indicate the potential for three Elbow River mitigation options. View the options under consideration.

Water Construction, Upgrades and Repairs
Find background information and the latest details about construction projects, upgrades or stormwater quality retrofit programs being completed in Calgary. Visit our construction, upgrades and repairs page.

Water Meter
Switch From A Flat Rate To A Water Meter
On a flat water rate? It's time to make the switch! The City has launched a water meter program to convert remaining flat rate residential accounts to meters. More than four in five Calgary residences already have water meters. Under the Water Utility Bylaw, all homes in Calgary will have water meters by the end of 2014.

Water-wise workshops, programs and events
We will be at locations throughout the city to help educate Calgarians about water conservation and provide water wise tips and tools.