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Water treatment school tours

Come and learn first-hand about Calgary’s drinking water treatment process! Follow the treatment path that water takes from the Elbow River/ Glenmore Reservoir to the taps in your home. In this rare glimpse inside the historic Glenmore Water Treatment Plant, built in 1933, City of Calgary Water Educators will highlight how some of the cleanest river water in the world is treated to the highest standards to become safe drinking water.

Learn about our pre-treatment technology that allowed us to continue to produce high quality drinking water during the floods of 2013. This experience will showcase why we should all value Calgary’s most precious resource and will explore ways you can help to protect and preserve our rivers through actions in your own home.

School Tours

  • Location: Glenmore Water Treatment Plant
  • Grades: 4-12
  • Cost: No cost for tours, but schools must provide their own bus transportation
  • Available dates: Bookings can be made Tuesdays-Thursdays from April to the end of June for our spring season, and from September to mid-October for the fall. Both morning and afternoon slots are available.
  • Program Length: Tours take approximately two hours. Be sure to build in extra time for your travel arrangements.
  • Capacity: 55 people per time slot (~2 classes).
  • How to book: Call 311 to book your tour today!

Interested in learning about water treatment, but can't participate in a tour?

Visit our online water treatment tour page to learn about the processes, technologies and the professionals working behind the scenes to ensure the availability of high-quality drinking water 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Pine Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant school tours are also available.

Are you a teacher?

To support you as you tell the Calgary water story, we offer the following resources: