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Calculate your home water use

How much water are you using in your home?

We invite you to try our Water Use Scorecard. It's a fun, interactive and easy way to determine how your family can best save water and money through indoor efficiency measures.

What does the scorecard do?

The scorecard takes into account the types of appliances and hardware in your home (water meter, toilets, shower-heads, faucets, and dishwasher). It also looks at your water habits (shower time, appliance usage etc.).

With this information, the scorecard can do the following:

  • Show you how water is being used in your home
  • Show you what changes will give you the biggest savings
  • Give you tips on water use habits that can lower your water bill

If you would like to find more ways to reduce your water consumption, use water more efficiently and do your part to protect what's precious, we invite you to explore Water Conservation, or view our Tap into Indoor Water Savings brochure.