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Residential toilet replacement program

For home, condo, trailer, and townhouse owners and tenants

One of the easiest plumbing home improvements you can do is replacing your old toilet. If you're interested in some doing home renovations to your bathroom, we recommend switching from your old toilet to a WaterSense-labelled, high efficiency toilet.

When you make the switch, you could be eligible for a $50 rebate.

In addition to our $50 subsidy, once installed, these toilets use less water which means you'll see savings of up to $100 (or more) in water and sewer charges every year.

WaterSense Label
Look for the WaterSense label when buying your new toilet. Only WaterSense-labelled toilets are eligible for the $50 rebate

STEP ONE: Determine if you are eligible

STEP TWO: Apply online for your $50 rebate

Apply now 

You can also print an application form for mailing or faxing in. If choosing to apply online, be sure to scan copies of your toilet purchase receipts (up to three toilets per address, receipt for each toilet required).

If choosing to mail or fax a printed application in, ensure you include your original toilet purchase receipts. For support with application processing or to address any questions you may have, please contact 311 or fill out our online service request.

Please note: If you own or manage a residential building with three (3) or more units, please refer to the Multi-unit Toilet Replacement Rebate Program.

How to choose a new toilet

There are many things to consider when choosing a new toilet, including the following:

  • Toilet selection
  • Calculating flush volumes
  • Maintenance
  • Toilet footprint
  • Height
  • Rough-in toilets in basements
  • Drainline carry

To learn more, visit choosing your WaterSense labelled high-efficiency toilet.

Terms and conditions

Please view the residential toilet replacement program terms and conditions.