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Toilet rebates

High-efficiency toilets protect our rivers, save water - and money. In addition to the $50 rebate, high-efficiency (low flow) toilets reduce your water use, which means you'll save money on your monthly water bills. Replace your old water-guzzling toilet with a WaterSense-labelled toilet and purchase to be eligible.

Residential Toilet Rebate 

Residential Toilet Rebate Program

The last date to submit your application for the Residential Toilet Rebate Program is August 15, 2016

For Calgary home, condo, trailer, and townhouse owners and tenants.

Multi-Unit Toilet Replacement Program 

Multi-unit Toilet Rebate Program

For those who own or manage an entire residential building (three or more suites) in Calgary, including building managers and condominium associations.


Hotel/Motel Toilet Rebate Program

For those who own or manage a hotel or motel in Calgary.

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