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Water efficient fixtures

Water-efficient fixtures are designed to use less water while maintaining the same level of performance as older fixtures. Retrofitting older, less efficient fixtures can save water, and save money on your water and sewer bill.

Save over $300 a Year with Water Efficient Fixtures

Action Water saved per year Money saved per year
High-efficiency toilet 38,000 litres $100
High-efficiency washer 18,000 litres $50
Low-flow shower head 17,000 litres $45
Faucet Aerator 20,000 litres $55
Fix your leaky toilets 31,000 litres/toilet $85
Total 124,000+ litres $335

Other ways you can save water and money today:

Install high-efficiency Watersense toilets

By switching out older, water-guzzling toilets with new high-efficiency Watersense models, you'll flush 60 per cent less water and money down the drain.

Find and fix leaky toilets - every six months

One in four toilets in Calgary is silently leaking. Even a small leak can waste up to 85 litres or more a day. Save up to $85 each year. To find a leak, simply take the following steps: Drop food colouring into your tank, wait 20 minutes. Peek into the bowl. If the water is coloured you have a leak. Repair the leak and save up to $100 each year.

Wash full loads of laundry

On average, washing clothes accounts for 20 per cent of indoor water usage. Wash full loads of laundry and clean up on the savings. And, when purchasing a new washing machine, consider buying a front-load washer. They use at least 50 per cent less water than the older top-load models.

Check your monthly bill

Your utility bill shows you how much water your household uses each month. It also tracks your water consumption from month to month so you can monitor household trends. By taking simple water saving actions, you can watch your monthly use decline and watch the savings grow.