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Take the leaky toilet test

To find out if your toilet is wasting water, remove the tank lid of your toilet and follow these simple steps:

Toilet Leak Steps Drop Toilet Leak Steps Peek Toilet Leak Steps Repair Toilet Leak Steps Save
  1. Drop - Put several drops of food colouring into the toilet tank and wait 10 minutes.
  2. Peek - Look in the bowl. If the water changes colour, you've got a leak.
  3. Repair - If the water changes, your toilet is leaking and needs repair.
  4. Save - Congratulations! By repairing just one toilet, you will save money on your water bill!

Why check for leaks?

Most toilet leaks are silent and a leaking toilet wastes water and costs you money. Since you pay for all the water used in your home, you also pay for all this wasted water. Check for toilet leaks regularly. It will only take you a few minutes and could equal big savings on your water bill.

What to do when you find a leak?

Follow our simple repair instructions, hire a plumber, visit a hardware store for repair tips, or watch a YouTube video with detailed instructions.

How often should you check for leaks?

Check your home for leaks twice a year. Even new toilets can leak and most toilet leaks are silent so it's important to add checking for leaks to your regular home maintenance schedule. Be aware that time-released toilet bowl cleaners that sit in your tank (rather than flush-released ones) can speed up the deterioration of parts in your toilet and cause leaks. If you use these products, you should check your toilet for leaks more frequently. In the spring, don't forget to check your outside taps for leaks too.

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