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Be YardSmart

Enjoy a beautiful, productive yard that's easy to maintain and suited to Calgary's unique climate. A YardSmart yard can transform your plants and garden into an inviting landscape that will be an inspiration to your neighbours.

Plus, less watering, less weeding and less fertilizing means you have more time to enjoy your yard and more savings on your water bill.

Design your yard workshops

Starting end of September, the City of Calgary and the Horticultural Society are offering multi-day workshops to help you create a well-planned, functional yard.

Start building your YardSmart yard today

Plan your YardSmart yard

Learn how to plan and establish the key elements of a YardSmart yard. Find tips on how and where to place your plants, identifying your yard's soil type and what soil and mulch to use.

Install your rain barrel(s)

Use a rain barrel as a free source of soft, warm water for your yard.

Use the right tools

Using the right tools can help you water your yard more efficiently

Pick your annuals and perennials

Choose beautiful waterwise annuals, perennials, groundcovers and grasses that will grow and thrive in Calgary.

Choose your trees & shrubs

Learn more about trees and shrubs that are hardy enough for our unique climate.

Water Wisely​

Learn how to save water and money with your irrigation system.

Give your yard and garden a new life

"Really, it's common sense gardening," according to Kath Smyth, horticulturist for the Calgary Horticultural Society, who along with volunteers from the Calgary Horticultural Society, created a YardSmart transformation in one day.

You can also get many great tips by viewing Calgary Park's series of Healthy Yard Videos.

YardSmart Makeover Before

Before YardSmart Makeover

YardSmart Makeover Before

After YardSmart Makeover

Learn more by watching our YardSmart transformation videos